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The Ostrich?
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Everything is good, nothing to get rid of

The skin

The skin of these birds gives a leather of an amazing quality used in luxury leather articles (see Hermes).
In fact, the leather from ostrich and nandu is a prestige leather, whose originality lies in the "pearls" (maks left at the places of feathers).

With the nandu, the pearls are smaller by more numerous.
Let's note an extraordinary subtility, the leather on the feet of the ostrich presents the aspect of the crocodile skin, the one on the sides the aspect of the lizard skin.

The eggs

The egg lovers won't be disappointed, the ostrich egg weighing about 1.6 Kg, which represents not less than 24 hen eggs! Let's go for the omelette ....
As for the ostrich boiled egg, it takes about 90 mn cooking time, and what a lot of bread fingers !

The non incubated eggs are empty, painted and decorated, they can be transformed in real work of art.

The feathers

The greatest ones are in great demand for Music Hall costumes. Less funny, but extremely useful, the smallest are used to make antistatic dusters.

The meat

The most interesting in the ostrich are the 40 to 45 kgs meat which is red and not white, contrary to preconceived ideas.
100 gr meat contain only 0.03 % cholesterol, which is not insignificant, and with its 22% proteins, it is the only meat being so energetic. This meat is characteristic because of its sensitive taste and extreme tenderness.
It can be cooked exactly like beef meat, in tournedos or roasted served or not with sauce. The cooking takes few time because it is delicious medium or rare.

When killed, a 100 Kg ostrich gives 30 Kg meat (on the legs and top of the back, same as the fillet), and 15 kg other meat (neck, wings) which will be used for terrines, potted mince and other cold meats. The "autruche à la mode", "civet d'autruche" and "cou d'autruche" are all cooked dishes which will amaze your friends, carefree for the cook.
As for myself, I recommend the african fondue (same as bourguignonne fondue, but with ostrich meat).
But you can also prepare by yourself the "escalope de filet d'autruche à la périgourdine", the "tournedos d'autruche rossini", and so on...

The ostrich also does great in medical field where his eyes are used to realize transplant of cornea.
Soap, sun lotion ... are manufactured from his fat.
At last, his eyelashes are used to make pencils and small brushes to clean inside your computers.

You just discovered the Ostrich, modest supplier of dusters, wonderful mother, athletic lover.

Nothing to get rid of in this big girl a bit show-off, everything transforms for the pleasure of eyes ans palate: it is really like " the goose that laid the golden eggs" !!!

The Ostrich?
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